DIAGNOSTIC for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system

Is your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP in good health?

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics NAV to it's fullest?

Just like your automobile, your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP can sometimes be a victim of neglect by its administrators. Over time, it is suggested by experts to review the company's business processes with those of your ERP system in order to gain more benefits from it. Do not wait until it's too late to have a complete diagnosis of your ERP system.

Consult with ERA Consulting Group to find out what needs to be done to optimize your ERP system and the productivity of the end users. With the DIAGNOSTIC package from ERA Consulting Group ERP, you will get a health report of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system with the appropriate actions to take in order to solve the issues that require special attention.

All of our clients who have taken this approach have seen an increase of 25-35% efficiency of their Microsoft Dynamics NAV system and internal resources.



Contact our team for more information about this offer: marketing@group-era.com


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