Dynamics 365 Business Central

Connect and grow your business with one click

Go beyond the limits of your basic accounting software with Dynamics 365 Business Central, a user-friendly, scalable, all-in-one business management solution that lets you connect to your business and make smarter decisions.

How can Dynamics 365 Business Central double your revenue, produce better sales prediction and optimize inventory management?

  • Inventory management can be very complicated. If you do not plan the inventory turnover, you could hurt your sales and miss orders or end up with too many products and have to liquidate them.
  • Avoid making purchasing decisions without accurate predictions of customer requests that can result in lost revenue, shipping costs and a deterioration of the customer experience.
  • Our application uses data history to predict future requests, to free up more budget and determine the right time to order new items for your inventory and satisfy your customer's demand.
  • Free yourself from the stress of managing your inventory with an Excel document and let ERA Consulting Group give you control of your success with Dynamics Business Central 365.

Take a look at the features of Dynamics Business Central 365 in action:

Why collaborate with ERA Consulting Group for the implementation of Dynamic 365 Business Central?

  • We adhere to the proven methodologies of Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Located in Montreal
  • We have served more than 200 customers based in Montreal, Quebec City and across Canada in the following areas:

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