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LS Retail is a global developer and supplier of LS NAV all-in-one business management software based on Microsoft Dynamics technology. This solution is available in cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid versions.





LS NAV is an integrated software package from Microsoft Dynamics NAV that provides a complete and integrated retail solution



Implemented by ERA Consulting Group


Hassle-free implementation


• Offers a fully integrated retail solution leveraging required features such as accounting, inventory management, detailed reporting, order management and customer relationship management tools.

• Get a global view of sales and predictive sales analysis and plan for your best sales strategy with our detailed reports.

• Reduce transaction costs, optimize new opportunities and customer loyalty, plan for a positive stock turnover and replenishment.




Point of sale (POS)


• Only one single cloud application is needed to cover the store from head office to stores : Point of Sale (POS) terminals, store systems, inventory and merchandising.

• Operate using touch screens or a keyboard while saving time when accessing real-time product sales, promotions and discounts updates.


Store Management

• The financial management and all the back-office functions required at the head office sets LS NAV apart from all other solutions on the market.

This high-quality solution is cost-effective, configurable and scalable, allowing retailers and sales professionals to optimize their business practices while reducing operational costs.



Cloud accessibility









• The customer experience is enhanced, which increases revenue, improves the presentation of sales items, facilitates and accelerates product selection and purchase on-site or online.

• Access your data anywhere in the world hosted on the site or through a hosting service.



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