Implementation of Dynamics NAV in 30 days

With our adapted implementation methodology based on industry "best practices" along with our pre-configuration tool, Dynamics NAV can be deployed in as little as 30 days. Much like purchasing a factory pre-built and pre-designed house versus the traditional approach of purchasing a home based on modifying a blueprint and building the home to your satisfaction. The rapid implementation approach allows you to utilize your new ERP system and best practices more quickly with instant return on investment. on investment.

Implementation Express from ERA Consulting Group

Companies have less and less time and availability to implement ERP systems using the traditional method.

With the fact that ERP systems have evolved exponentially over the past 10 years, and statistics show that only less than 30% of companies use more than 50% of the functionality available in their ERP system after 2 years of implementing their system.

Why not implement 80% of the base functionality more rapidly and then evolve with the application with a clearly defined plan maximizing ROI from the start?

ERA Consulting Group presents ERA Express:


Like buying a Pre-Built house, ERA Express allows you to benefit of immediately accessing and utilizing your new application functionalities.


With ERA Express, our consultants validate the scope of the solution to your essential business needs and configure it for you.

After a few days we deliver a solution that your team validates, followed with minor adjustments, and your system is launched.

  • This approach requires less than 50% of time from your internal resources.
  • Is 50% less expensive than the traditional approach.
  • Permits you access and utilize your new system 3 times quicker.