Need for rigor

The Lack of control

Companies that are growing often have the same challenges.

It is common to hear from company owners that as a result of sustained growth they encounter the same challenges:

« The company is no longer able to rapidly adjust to market needs »

« My payroll has risen faster than my revenue base »

« We have an impression that we are constantly running around to deliver our orders on time »

« Our staff turnover rate has increased»

« Everything seems complicated »

« We no longer communicate efficiently! »

« We lack structure and control »

« Cash flow is extremely tight »

However, it is rare that the cause of the problem is lack of control or the letting go of underperforming employees. In fact, 90% of the cases it is the lack of coordination of services or departments that is at the root of the problem.

Production cannot launch production because of lack of material, Projects can’t be scheduled because of lack of available resources, and we have not invested in new equipment because of a lack of visibility on sales orders.

A fully Integrated (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning system allows for the orchestration of different daily task between departments with the agility, whether it is a staff of 10 employees in a company or over 200 employees.

It also allows for the forecasting and planning of your demand and future allocation and availability of your resources to give you the ability to be proactive and adjust rapidly, versus being reactive and putting out fires.