outdated technology


Information Technology age even faster than animals.

It is said that we multiply by 7 to get the true age of a cat as compared to a human, for technologies it is more than 10 times.

Therefore every 7 to 10 years, you need to start thinking of replacing your technology suite of products.

Remember 10 years ago:

- There were no smartphones

- Internet was very limited

- Cellular phones were as big as a box of tissue paper

- Televisions were as deep as they were wide…

Technologies are evolving rapidly, Whether it is Disk Space, Networking, Memory, and Operating Systems.

Today there are many Mobile Applications that are becoming the new norm.

Users are looking for simplicity.

Technologies are everywhere and more user-friendly.

Your Enterprise systems should also be easy to use and intuitive,

Data should be easy to access and analyze.

Documents should be easily accessible from anywhere.

Evolution is often an important source of change, and this change is often a reason or driving factor to review your business processes with the goal of efficiently optimizing your business based on new technologies and best practices.